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$250 Online Every Day overview

  • 作者:Cameron Benson&Kenny Cannon
  • 發布日期:2017-09-13
  • 語言:英語
  • 銷售頁面:點擊這裡
  • 價格:$ 5.95



$250 Online Every Day 影片內容

Video 1 : The System That Generated Over 10 MILLION Dollars In The Last 9 Years

In video one, Cameron will walk you through the overview of our process and also the model that he used to come up with the system you’re about to learn.

This model is responsible for over $10 Million Dollars in sales over the past 9 years and has been growing ever since.Cameron will also cover why creating multiple streams of income is so important and how to create them using this system.


Video 2 : The Path To $250 Paydays(video + PDF)

In video 2, Kenny will go over how we came up with this model and also how to start generating $250 paydays starting as soon as TODAY!

He’ll also cover the mistakes we made so that you can avoid them. Knowing what NOT to do is extremely important and Kenny will cover that here.


Video 3 : Finding Funnels That Convert Like Crazy

In video 3, Kenny will go over how to find sales funnels that are already proven to convert and pay you up to $7 per click for the traffic that you send.

There’s no reason to guess when all the information is there for you. Kenny will show you how to find the conversion rate, refund rate, and earnings per click of any funnel you want. By having this information you will know exactly how much you make before your promotion.


Video 4 : The Hook, Swipe, Profit Method – Steal Our Entire Model – Plus Cheat Sheet

By this point you’ve learned what to do. You’ve also learned what Not to do (which is equally as important).We also covered how to find high converting offers that pay you up to $7 for every click you send them.

Now it’s time to actually make some money. In video 4, Cameron will go over EXACTLY how we profit by using this model. Not only will he teach you but he’s also going to give you exactly what we use in the form of a cheat sheet.

This is designed to get you started QUICKLY so that you can start making money TODAY!


Video 5 : LIVE Case Study

Many people a great game but when it comes down to actually doing it they fall flat on their face.I’m sure you’ve seen it first hand. I know I have. In video 5 Cameron is going to stop talking and start doing! You’re going to watch Cameron LIVE as he runs this entire system and puts money in his bank account while you watch!


個人評論: 非常棒

根據作者的經驗,受歡迎的產品的推廣需要滿足一些條件,如價格、歷史銷售紀錄、佣金比率、轉換率、訪客價值等等, 如果您可以滿足視頻中所提到的條件,那個這個產品將會是非常好推廣。影片中,作者演示如何一步一步地在Warrior Plus和Jvzoo中搜索好的產品, 操作過程非常詳細,而且價格與有競爭力,所以如果有想要在Jvzoo 或者Warrior Plus 的聯盟計劃賺錢,強烈建議購買它。


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